Explosion Style Yellow Tiger Eye Bracelet Fashion Simple Obsidian Alloy Separator Elastic Bracelet

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Name: Tiger Eye Stone Bracelet
Material: Tiger's Eye Black Gallstone
Color: as shown (in-kind shooting, color difference, subject to actual product)
Size: 8mm
Size: 17cm19cm21cm23cm (there will be deviations in manual measurement, whichever is the actual product)

Simple style

Material: Crystal

Type: Bracelet

Style for men and women

Modeling Bracelet

Health care function anti fatigue

Packaging independent packaging

Mosaic material: not inlaid

Color: yellow tiger fd2516, Baolan tiger fd0545, green tiger fd0546, green tiger fd0547, purple tiger fd0548, red tiger fd0549, sun tiger fd0550, blue pine fd0551, black glass fd0552

Purity: length 17cm, length 19cm, length 21cm, length 23cm